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Video Submissions Background

Do you have a video that you think should be on this site?

Well your in luck!

The Transmission is taking submissions for things to be shown on it's sacred signal, though there are a few rules...

Video Submissions Rules BG


1. Must be a YouTube video, videos from other platforms aren't allowed at this point in time so to host the video we need for it to be on youtube.

2. MUST BE ANIMATED, seriously it's our whole thing.

3. Nothing too "memey", we're cool with funny videos but if it's literally just someone re-animating a meme then it's unlikely we're going to add it.

4. Content based on video games or popular shows. If the content is quality enough we may add it but we generally prefer original ideas and creations.

You can submit videos whether your the creator or just someone who stumbled apon it.

All videos are then checked by one of us to see if we think it would be a good fit for Midnight Transmission, we take curating videos for this site very seriously so no hard feelings if your video doesn't get in.

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